Scripts n' Stuff

2017-09-20 13:02:38 by AnimationOverload

Hello class,

I'm back from the dead...again! I've been working on some scripts and just finished getting settled into my new place. Expect the next video by this Sunday.


Update on Sex Ed.

2017-07-31 19:19:34 by AnimationOverload

I know it has been like ten years. K? Thx. Bye! Just kidding. I've finish the script to Overwatch and Minecraft Sex Ed. Be sure to comment below for which one you'd like released first. 

Sex Ed. Seasons

2017-07-18 01:13:47 by AnimationOverload

Hello My Little Mother Fuckers,

I've decided the sex ed. series should be split-up into seasons. This way, I can put like with like. (I.e. transgender, gun, and political sex ed. all are very...political.) I shall be making playlists soon, so that all of you may share my educational videos more efficiently.


New Video Tonight

2016-12-27 17:27:39 by AnimationOverload

Well, shit, my little mother fuckers, it came to my suprise that I had to celebrate Christmas. Due to that, I wasn't able to post that which would've been timely two or more days ago. Nevertheless, at 10pm tonight (U.S. central time), the newest animation will be posted here.

If you're a fuck that can't wait, go to my channel: Speaking of my channel, the next educational videos I'll be making may not fair well on here. So, keep your eyes on and dicks out for my upcoming videos on there. 

Subscribe to Me on Youtube

2016-11-10 18:38:54 by AnimationOverload

My little mother fuckers, I invite all of you to subscribe to me on Youtube. No, it isn't because I'm selling out for ad revenue. That's partially the truth. But also, I'm able to post things to the tubes which I can't post here--such as expose videos and rants. So go if you want, and subscribe.


Sorry to you mother fuckers for being so god damn political lately. Don't worry, the next content I'll post will be Bionicle Sex Ed. then Thanksgiving Sex Ed. 

Shit Reposts

2016-11-03 00:11:16 by AnimationOverload

Tell me, my little mother fuckers, is it obvisous that I'm mainly reposting from my Youtube channel? If so, humor me this. Should I not repost and y'all just watch over on the lower-quality-tubes? Or, should I still repost, but post all new content here first? 

New Vidya Out Soon

2016-07-21 21:58:27 by AnimationOverload

Prepare yourselves! 

QnA out Now

2016-06-03 18:17:04 by AnimationOverload

Watch my QnA here: Trust me, you'll dislike it. ;)

QnA out Tomorrow

2016-06-03 00:54:06 by AnimationOverload

My first QnA will be out on Youtube tomorrow. If you want to see me actually use a program other than GoAnimate, check it out.